M13 Phages

Calyx's sensing technology relies on a special type of Phage, the M13. This bacteriophage is non-toxic, and its protein structure makes it the ideal bio-chemical transmitter.

Our core sensing material is robust. It resists heat (up to 110 degrees C) and chemicals (acids, akalis, and organic solvents), ensuring performance in your custom environement.

Fully Reversible

Our uniquely robust bio-materials are fully reusable, and lasts for thousands of sensing cycles without any performance degradation, even if exposed to heat, cold, or chemicals. Calyx saves you time and money replacing sensors.
Fully ReversibleFully Reversible

Sensor Database 

Bigger than other sensing technologies, our library of protein receptors contains 1 trillion entries. Other sensors only have 40-50 options even after 70 years of development.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence correlate sensor color output to gas concentration, enabling our technology to distinguish complex aromas and muliple gases.
Sensor Database Sensor Database